Hyper Void: Revisited - Twice

In a strange twist of events, I had the opportunity to go back once more to our game Hyper Void and talk not once, but twice in a day about the development of the game.

I was invited first to talk in the new Montreal's Game Tech Meetup series that was bootstrapped by my ex-colleague @BobbyAnguelov back from the amazing days I spent at Warner Brothers Games Montreal. In this talk, I covered an aspect I never mentioned before, which is the gameplay system that executes the logic for all enemies in the game and pretty much everything other than the player ship.

The title of the talk is "Hyper Void: A story of 18,000 gotos and microfibers" and runs for ~20mins only. The title is not exaggerating. So yes, Hyper Void's gameplay code contains ~18,000 C++ goto statements.

The other talk occured earlier in the day actually. I was invited to give an internal talk in Unity's amazingly-spacious Montreal office. This talk is titled "Hyper Void @ native 120 FPS PSVR and the tech behind it". It recycles content from my previous Sony DevCon 2017 and MIGS 2018 talks, but also adds a new more detailed section about our internal tech. I thought this would be interesting to the Unity engine developers audience, plus I made a very controversial slide near the end which draws attention to the reasoning behind sticking to our own internal tech versus relying on commercial engines. It was a bit harsh IMO, but was happy to see the audience take it in a positive manner, and truly that was my intention. So I hope we're still friends 😋

You can find both PowerPoint presentations attached here. They are a bit sizey because they contain embedded videos.


HyperVoid_TechBehind.pptx (221.94 mb)
HyperVoid_GameplaySys.pptx (64.14 mb)